Thursday, September 13, 2012

White Horse ... or Night Mare?

Romney still holds the office of High Priest in the LDS church.  Could the LDS church attempt to influence him?

In an article at MormonThink, I wrote how the the history of LDS politics predicts what it may try to do if Romney becomes President Mitt.

As much as many Mormons may want Romney to be the White Horse, there is a missing nail in his shoe that could throw the whole race.  Mitt Romney refuses to disclose financial information buried in his tax returns... Mitt has said, “Our church doesn’t publish how much people have given... One of the downsides of releasing one’s financial information is that this is now all public, but we had never intended our contributions to be known.”  This underscores a pattern of secrecy that he likely learned as a member of the LDS church.  Not only does it keep the wording, mimed actions and penalties for revealing its temple ceremonies secret, it has also refused to disclose its financial information—charitable and corporate—since before the 1960s.  Why would exalted prophets refuse to disclose business profits? Perhaps it’s because the LDS church recently invested well over two billion dollars (exact amount still secret) into a high-scale mall at the Salt Lake City Creek Center—a mall that includes Tiffany & Co., Porsche Design, Tuma, Pandora, Rolex and more to cater to the wealthy of Utah.  Hiding financials is a lesson Mitt may have learned early in life as a young Mormon.

The article covers:
  • Joseph Smith running for President of the United States
  • Church leader approval required for holding political office
  • Members pressured by church authorities to join political parties
  • Excommunication of members opposing the Nazi Party
  • LDS record on civil rights and race issues
  • Campainging by LDS church against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • LDS involvement in California’s Proposition 8
  • Members excommunicated for political and/or contrary speech
  • Mitt and the White Horse Prophecy
  • LDS official statement on politics

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  1. >>>"Could the LDS church attempt to influence him?"

    It may turn out to be the opposite. Romney is already more well known and revered in the Mormon community then Thomas Monson. Also, President of US carries more weight then President of LDS. Mitt is no dummie, and with his position within that church he has first hand knowledge of the BS going on there, plus the fact that he is growing tired of trying to defend the significant shortcomings. This is a power trip for him and this mormon charade is nothing more then a tool he leverages for the ultimate power grab. He's not going to let them pull his strings, he'll be pulling theirs.