Monday, November 16, 2015

Gay Couples are the Paris Terrorists of LDS Corporation

Unless you live in a cave, you will know the news upheaval that 129 (current count) deaths in France has caused in international circles.  I want to say up front, I am saddened by the deaths caused by religious extremists who took their myths to such lengths that they would kill.  I also want to say up front that I am saddened by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children who go hungry every year, of those Africans who died by civil war, of a hundred thousand middle easterners dead as collateral damage in wars (east or west), of the death of tens of thousands of victims of drunk driving, of domestic abuse and death, of violent gun incidental death whether by accident or intentional, and of those deceased by incompetence due to error in our worldwide health system.  Whew! That’s a lot of sadness. Thank goodness I have a little wine at hand.  I wish I had time to link all of my writing to events and news articles, but alas, the wine runneth short.

I want to also talk about the connection of the Paris Terrorist strikes to the Utah Same Sex strikes.  I'm sure some will say that I equate gays to terrorists.  No.  The contrary.  The LDS corporation does this.  

  Readers of my mormondisclosures blog (even though I personally have not commented until now) could not be oblivious to the facts that the LDS corporation released an official policy that stated (under a few revisions now) that children born outside of the Mormon church, to gay parents, cannot be blessed, baptized or have any other ordinance performed on their behalf due to the fact that they have gay parents.  Exclusive to this are children already born or baptized under the covenant.  The LDS corporation affirmed under protection of its tax-exempt shield that it hates gay parents.  

The most obvious, silly transparency fact here is, while the LDS corporation claims that gay infidelity due to relationships between same-sex partners outside of marriage is immoral (and no law about their marriage will change this immorality), the opposite sex couples who choose not to marry and yet have children (or adopt children) are not held to the same standard as gay partnerships regarding the membership of their offspring.

What I mean is, if a man-woman couple living together were to parent a child, and even if they were atheists, and even if one or both of them were pedophiles, and even if one or both of them were Satanist, the LDS corporation would still send missionaries over, and bestow priesthood leader blessings upon their children, hoping they join the Mormon company as entries in the Intellectual Reserve, Inc listed persons on the rosters of the COJCOLDS corporate membership.  But if both parents are gay, married or not—even if not atheists, pedophiles, Satanist—just gay, well forgettaboutit.

I'm not saying that gays are equivalent to terrorists.  The LDS church policy states that gays are so abhorrent that they and their children cannot migrate into the LDS nation because they are too destructive to the principles of that people.  This is absurd, but expected.

The old school guard holding onto the church corporate reins in SLC can’t get past their squeamish feelings about gays.  Decades ago they got past pedophiles in the church—they keep this quiet though.  A few years ago, they might have even gotten past the idea that the majority of Mormons leaving their ranks become atheist.  But to accept anal-sex-driven gay parents as equal.  Ew!!  That really grosses them out, and they will have to put a stop to it even if it means forbidding the kids of those hedonists from joining and paying tithing.

That might seem really immature and prejudicial of the LDS corporate board to enact such rules.  Boards, committees and whole groups of top-company men in the LDS empire approved this seemingly prejudicial policy.  It might seem they're all just old, bigoted white men who joined together to ban something they find disgusting.

Actually, the calculated SLC leadership did this for a more basic reason.  All the ex-mormon and liberal press haranguing serves their purpose. 

It affects the bottom, financial line.  Control of their current demographic required that they rally the troops against an almost non-existent bogey man.  I get it.  Profit rules the prophets.  Apathetic members don't pay up like enraged Morgbots.

Now, you might see this as possible, but unlikely.  Yet, in the same vein as the current (relatively) small tragedy in Paris, with completely outweighed response show—with so many deaths in so many other countries not due to terrorism and soluble by far less than the trillion dollars spent on terrorism over the last decade—the powers that be love a bogey man to rally the citizens.  The governments need a reason to call citizens to rally behind the powers, to give up their rights of privacy and to feel safe under the blanket of current (and enduring) leadership just before elections.   

Politicians are debating about calls to stop immigration of family members from Middle East states where terrorism originates. It's too risky, say some politicians, to allow them into our country.  Which is like LDS leaders saying children of gay parents cannot migrate into membership of their church because gays are just too immoral--even beyond unmarried heterosexual and open-marriage couples.

However, the LDS corporation never expects more than a single child of gay parents to actually be upset over not joining their racist, prejudiced and outdated organization. What they need, however, are almost non-existent bogey men—or gay men, to rally the unsuspecting members of their multi-level-marketing empire.  This multi-level-saving corporation--where if you succeed, in your white-n-delightsome enterprise toward exaltation in the race of Abrahamic tradition (with adaptation of other races not-gay into its family) then you exalt Elohim above you to the next level.  And with your spirit children, you will eventually exalt to the level Elohim and Jesus achieved due to your generation’s diligence to the MLM rules of celestial exaltation product selling that—currently--80,000 free salespersons (missionaries) extol upon the ignorant masses who know not Mormon Jesus of Ancient America and his temple ordinances of saving grace.

The world needs a bogey man to keep us aligned with the powers-that-be—never mind the starving millions in Africa/India/South America.  Never mind the civil wars of racial demographics uninteresting to white, straight, religious United America.  Never mind the numbers of deaths related to incidental gun ownership, or to drunk and texting drivers. Never mind the numbers of deaths related to poisons of our environment or toxins of our pharmaceuticals.  The almost 3000 dead at 9/11 and the 129 (current) dead in Paris are far more imperative, because the media, the religion and the government says so. 

Oh, and gay couples are bad people (they say).

In 2013, there were over 40,000 suicides in the U.S.  Many surveys indicate that LGBT persons are at least 2 times more likely to attempt and complete suicide than straight persons.  Some estimates indicate that in the U.S. there are over 1,500 LGBT suicides each year.  

I understand that the terrorist attacks in Paris are a problem.  I feel for the victims and their families.  I also feel for the victims of suicide and oppression without reason happening in my own nation, at the behest of religious (seemingly charitable) persons.

The News and the Cult may be a maze, but stand back and it is a clear picture.