Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Re-taking the missionary discussions

Earlier this week, the Mormon missionaries knocked doors in my cul-de-sac.  I was going to hide from them. 

But as they went through the neighborhood, the entire coincidence with my recent spiritual experience left me open to the idea of listening once again to their message.

At one point, I was touched as we circled together in prayer.

The gospel is as simple as I had once perceived.  Things feel very clear, almost black and white obvious.  My engagement lately with photographing cypress knees feels like a revelation in coincidence with these events.  

I have felt emotionally touched and I am rethinking my former position.

More to come...

(Ok, now that I have played this out for an hour, I admit, it was a cheap trick. A short lived one. So are the emotional tricks of Mormonism that fool people everyday. Such is the parallel here to what I have done.

See this post for more explanation about how emotional brainwashing happens with my MTC experience as a young missionary.)

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