Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summons Withdrawn

For immediate release


Monson and LDS Church receive reprieve in UK fraud case

MARCH 20. LONDON--After almost a week of deliberation, a district judge today announced his decision to withdraw the fraud summons issued in February against Thomas S. Monson and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The announcement came almost a week after a daylong hearing in which Tom Phillips’ attorneys forcefully demonstrated the LDS Church’s complicity with a range of illicit acts contained in Fraud Act 2006. For the immediate future, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will not have to defend itself against fraud charges in a trial by jury.         

Tom Phillips, the British citizen who shed light on the Mormon Church’s alleged fraudulent acts in a magistrates’ court last fall, expressed both disappointment and cause for hope at the news, “Although this ruling represents a setback for our cause, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bring the LDS Corporation to justice. For people around the world, this case has brought to light the truth: the LDS organization has committed fraud, and fraud is a serious crime.” Phillips said he continues to believe that governments should “enact and enforce laws that protect victims of fraud and corporate malfeasance, regardless of the wealth, influence, or apparent religious motives of the perpetrator.”

David Twede, a spokesperson for, said “One way of looking at things is that the Mormon Church dodged a bullet today. As soon as Tom and his legal advisors analyze the judge’s reasoning in detail, I’m sure they will re-evaluate their position and announce a course of action adapted as circumstances warrant. It’s my understanding that they will continue to explore every possible avenue for redress, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.”

Phillips promised, “My legal team will leave no stone unturned.”

In 2013, Phillips took over as managing editor for For almost a decade, MormonThink has been a resource for complete information about the LDS Church’s history, doctrine and teachings. Produced primarily by active church members, the site’s goal is to accurately convey the unvarnished truth about Mormonism in its comprehensive materials. David Twede, a previous managing editor, was threatened with excommunication in 2012 when his leadership role was revealed to Church authorities. Twede has since resigned from the Church and serves an at-large editor for MormonThink, and now issues his research, analysis and commentary on the LDS Church primarily through his blog, Tom Phillips remains an inactive member of the LDS Church.

Recently, the MormonThink editors issued the following statement concerning the UK fraud case: “The recent summons of Thomas S. Monson, corporation sole, by an English magistrate to address charges of fraud by two former Mormons was led by our managing editor, Tom Phillips. Although Tom acts on his own behalf in this case, we want to clarify our role and position.

“Since its founding, the mission of MormonThink has been to make public accurate knowledge of Mormon history, doctrine, and teachings so that current and potential members can make an informed evaluation of the faith. Our overarching premise is that transparency, truth, and full disclosure are the least members should expect from Mormon leaders, or of leaders of any religion.

“To the extent that this case will serve to uphold transparency, truth, and full disclosure about Mormonism, we support the spirit and intention of our colleague’s endeavor. Regardless of its outcome, we remain committed to our mission.”

Phillips, for his part, remarked that, “I look forward to the day, and it will be soon, when the LDS Corporation is brought to justice.”

He added, “While today we are disappointed, we draw hope from the knowledge that getting to this point is a victory few thought possible. And while today we are saddened, we draw strength from the outpouring of support and encouragement we have received from around the world. The thousands of people who stand with us give us fortitude to forge ahead, regardless of today’s ruling. We thank you all for your many expressions of support. I believe the future is a bright one for our cause.”

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Note about MormonThink editorial staff:  Besides managing editor Tom Phillips and myself, there are many others who have contributed so much to MT.  MT Founder and Bill Johnson have contributed the longest; former CES director Ken Clark, editor Dianne Ormond, and contributors Grant Palmer, Richard Packham, Will Bagley, Jeremy Runnells, Avery Wright, Darron Smith, Steven Bloor, and others are all noteworthy of helping MT be what it is today. 


  1. Well that is very sad, I thought Tom had a great case. I wonder if the judge had good enough reason to throw it out or if he was just worried about the backlash.

  2. As someone who is not a mormon anymore, this whole things was still LOL. And I LOL at all of you dip shits who got so excited about this frivolous lawsuit as if it would bring the mormon church to its knees.

    Why do you assholes care so much? Why can't you just let mormons believe what they want and be happy? You are all pathetic.

    1. Judy,

      That is your opinion, is it your son's? Just because we, as parents, are not happy with the actions of our children does not make them wrong.

      There are many things my children ( I have 7, 5 are adults ) have done, and do, that I would not do, or even believe they should not, but that does not make them wrong.

  3. Did you reallly think that this was going to go anywhere? You would have to persucute all churches, and claim they too fraud people. That's not to say some government won't some day allow a lawsuit to stand, but when that happens it will be because that government will be seeking to charge churches with taxes. "Anonymous 11:39" makes sense....grow up and get a life!

  4. This case wasn't about persecuting churches. It was about knowingly commuting fraud by not telling the truth.

  5. Well, I am one of the many who stand with Tom Phillips. We have to keep speaking up. Religion is not above the law. Unscrupulous people hide behind religion to coerce and exploit.

    I think another effective thing to do would be to push for financial transparency of all religious organizations...some do so voluntarily...those that don't? Speaks volumes about their nature.

    "Secrecy is the badge of fraud".

  6. Well, it looks to me like the LDS Church succeeded in getting the summons withdrawn by playing the persecution card. That's quite a feat for an organization as wealthy and powerful as this one.

    Brigham Young would be proud.

  7. Twede is blocking and/or deleting posts that gets under his skin. Lol, poor boy seeks teh control that the church has, but he'll NEVER have! Twede is frighten of people whose views differ from his!

    1. What's funny about Anonymous 11:51 is that the LDS church is so afraid of all its own history that they spent six-figures of tithing to defend against having to air the truth. Talk about frightened!

      Their deseretnews censors comments. LDS church has often excommunicated authors and public speakers that speak out against its own history, only to later admit those excommunicated members were speaking the truth.

  8. Well, I know I've posted two items, one was a copy of a news article about this case. Another was a comment. Both posted right away and now they are gone! Oh, Twede does edit and block!