Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Utah government-prominent Mormon scandal

Short blog entry:

On 31December, 2012 I posted the following:

In the coming weeks, Utah government may be presented with what some see as scandalous behavior by members of good standing in the highest places of their state offices.  (For a hint of the background, see and this Desnews article)  There are some members who may see the apparent illicit land-sell-off as unbecoming of a semi-high ranking Mormon.  What if the highest leaders of the church have engaged in highly questionable real-estate transfers for years?  The outrage coming for UT government leaders might be eclipsed when other revelations of the religious leaders are unveiled.

Connected to what I hinted about...Just today, Utah state attorney general John Swallow has been accused of derailing a federal investigation on a complex deal, also involving senator Harry Reid.

See the details here

I'll post more later, but be prepared for other scandals to come, which I believe involve the highest officials of the LDS leadership.


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    1. First of all, your atrocious use of capitalization is distracting. I had to stop several times out of sheer irritation just to get through. I would have just given up, but sometimes mentally deranged ramblings can be humorous. Yours aren't. You should consider a good counselor. One that specializes in exiting religion. Also, though I love cold cereal, there is no hell, so I have to enjoy it here and now.

  2. So, what you're saying here is Mormon's aren't perfect? Ha, no kidding, no one is perfect!

  3. What is it with TBMs and over used capitalization? It's Like Capitalization Allows Them To Type With More Authoritay.