Thursday, October 29, 2015

The LDS Church Needs Your Inventions

(part of this blog is from a Halloween blog in 2012)

The LDS corporation wants your inventions.  They want to coopt your creativity and make it their own.  They want you to know that God gave you the idea, so it's really theirs anyway.

Recently, in October 2015, LSD Apostle M. Russell Ballard gave a BYU devotional to young single adults (transcript here).  It's interesting timing to me, because, I had a "Ballard" who claims to have a science background hit up my blog yesterday claiming science is quite undependable.  I don't know if he's related to the apostle Ballard...

Many have laughed at "Elder" Ballard's lipstick comments (at around 32 minutes, where he tells women if they want to get a man, to stop dressing like men and wear lipstick now and then).

However, he says something more interesting at 14:30 into the whole talk:

"Where do you think the computer came from? Why did somebody invent the computer?
"I'll tell you why.  Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints needed it. 
"Why did we need it? Because family history was moving and the church was growing and the temples were expanding and we needed more capacity to do family history. 
" don't have to be a member of the church to have spiritual insight and promptings [for] the creation of that tool, the computer."

Oh! The arrogance!  Yes, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the others were more inspired for temple work than the inept prophets and their own employees.

Then he talks about how Satan uses the computer for evil pornography.  Now anyone knows that the internet and computers are vastly more usable in business, in communications, in data/mathematical analysis of scientific pursuits and far more “earthly pursuits” than used for LDS salesmanship.  And yes, it's FAR more used for pornography than family history.  So their god in his infinite wisdom inspired non-Mormons to produce a tool for the church, that reportedly by them, Satan uses far better against the “saints” than can be used for good.

Is their god this incompetent?  Or is it free will that non-Mormons do far more good than their inspired prophets and leaders?  Either way, thank the other gods for the internet of everything else.  They hate the internet (and use pornography to scare members away from it) because there are so many sites with factual information about Mormonism, its invention (lauded by Ballard) will be its own undoing.

Now, I wonder... When I was a good Mormon boy, I had zero patents.  Then I left the church and I have many patents and more pending.  Does that mean I was more inspired as an exmo than I was as a Mormon?  I've been more artistic, more prolific and published too, as an exmo.

Go figure.  All I needed to receive the holy ghost's promptings was to leave the Mormon church.

Science does not benefit the Mormon corporation/church.  It contradicts its claims.  It predicts better than their prophets. 

 Then at 42 minutes into his talk, Ballard makes the audacious claim that:  
"Listen to the prophets, listen to the apostles.  We won't lead you astray. We cannot lead you astray."
Think about that.  Despite the inventiveness of non-members, Ballard reassures that they are prophets who won't lead people astray.   Does their record match up to his claim?

As I wrote in 2012 [new writing in brackets]:

When Einstein published his complete theory of general relativity in 1916, he proposed three tests of general relativity, one of which was the deflection of light by the sun. Science could already predict the timing of eclipses, and knew that one would occur in a few years where the darkened sun would allow them to test Einstein's prediction that the sun deflected light. In 1919, an expedition set out to observe the deflection of light by the sun during an eclipse, in to the west African island of Principe. The expedition leader was British astronomer Arthur Eddington who acquired photograph negatives showing the deflection of light of stars that were near the sun. 

The resulting observation precisely matched Einstein’s predictions.  That is, Einstein had made a precise prophecy about the future down to meters of precision and within seconds of accurate timing.  This is the kind of accuracy in prophetic ability one never sees in religion.

Religion, speaking for God, seems to have enjoyed a monopoly of claimant powers; that is did, until science and technology caught up with and now surpasses its predictive and miracle claiming abilities. Science has gone a long way to eradicating famine, if not turning one loaf into thousands in terms of farmland efficiency. Medical science finds cures for plagues, mends the lame and gives sight to the blind, with numerical healings that far far exceed the onesy-twosy healing claims of ancient priesthood holders. Claims, I repeat, because in modern times, faith healing has never been truly verified, while modern science healing is verified daily in tens of thousands of hospitals and clinics. These days, the prophets seem silent and science vociferous in predicting all kinds of future events--from the gender of unborn children to eclipses and tsunami, and even general trends in climate change. Science is beginning to look forward in ways only God was once claimed to do.

[The science of quantum mechanics has yielded trillions of validating events of evidence to support it--every computer, every laser/CD/DVD player, every cell phone screen, every digital camera, every bit of nuclear medicine, etc--all evidence that quantum mechanics theory is valid. This is important--quantum mechanics could be seen to invalidate the concept of an omnipotent being--the uncertainty principle.  Quantum theory could be seen to invalidate the idea of free will, as everything else is deterministic except the randomness of quanta, which are not subject to will (despite the pseudo science of "conscious dependencies" never confirmed).  Additionally, evolutionary theory, validated billions of times with flu shots, antibiotics, paleontology, archeaology and more, yields far more evidence than any Book of Mormon claim.  The LDS corporation doesn't like evolution because it squeezes out the need for reliance on their version of god and their prophetic utterances.]

Carl Sagan once wrote the following: "...if you want to really be able to predict the future -- not in everything, but in some areas -- there's only one regime of human scholarship...that really delivers the goods, and that's science. Religions would give their eyeteeth to be able to predict anything like that well. Think of how much mileage they would make if they ever could do predictions comparably unambiguous and precise."

We don't really have to imagine, though, do we? When white European conquerors of ancient America were received as gods with their guns and eclipse predictions, they abused the power by controlling whole civilizations and fetching gold and slaves from the subordinate worshipping masses. If modern religions had the power of modern science (while hiding the source of their power), we'd hardly have to imagine the outcome.  [Ballard would love to take credit for inventions of science while telling us that we cannot trust science to give us answers to more important questions--when they have yet to provide any real, validated answers themselves.]

But herein lays one difference between science and religion: religions cloud the source of their acclaimed powers in obscure passages and murky definitions of God. Science openly reports, competitively referees and carefully accredits each advancement to the whole world (if the world would but take the time to read the publications). Again, Sagan explains that while the scientist is human, science as a whole attempts to be objective and available to all: "Science has built-in error-correcting mechanisms -- because science recognizes that scientists, like everybody else, are fallible...Scientists do not trust what is intuitively obvious, because intuitively obvious gets you nowhere."

Another interesting difference between science and religion: churches have no laboratories. What I mean is that if a scientist has a clever thought (hypothesis), before he turns it into a belief (theory), he will comb the journals to see if it was already out there and tested. If not tested, he will go to the lab and painstakingly experiment until he has validated or--most often--eliminated the idea. It is in the lab where good ideas and bad ones are sorted out. Churches have no laboratories. Just belief systems.

[There are those that wish to believe that a single cherry-picked coincidence is science--that a "tree-of-life" stela in Mesoamerica proves the Book of Mormon--all the while throwing out the fruits of science that contradict their beliefs.  The overwhelming evidence against the Book of Mormon anachronistic claims and linguistic errors are ignored because they don't fit a faithful pattern--and the lab is no place for finding faith.]

Furthermore, the scientific methodology requires that any good finding should be re-found (repeatedly) and verified (openly) before it can be said to support hypothesis. Scientists pride themselves to be published in refereed journals, where honors go to those that can disprove findings or hypotheses with new findings--as Einstein did of Newton. It's a hard career at times--hard on the ego and personal life--but rewarding because of its unparalleled consistency and trustworthiness.

As a former Mormon--who happily believed in modern prophecy--I used to wonder why the prophets are so reluctant to predict as they did only a hundred-fifty years back. Why have miracles become no more than rumors and subtle coincidences visible only to the chosen faithful? By comparison, technology and science deliver health and happiness in brightly printed packages available to all regardless of faith, creed, race or nationality. It would seem that the prophets have privately given into science. I believe it is because they know they haven't a chance to be so successful when science has been so wonderfully accurate. A smart man doesn't claim to be guided by the supreme intelligence and give predictions that could so easily be countered by lab-coated scientists whose probability calculations are greater than 90% correct.

Okay, yes, it would seem I am giving far too much credit to science. It can't heal everything nor correctly predict many things--from tomorrow's weather to next week's stock market. Yes, science is still dealing poor predictions often enough. But in comparison to latter-day seers and apostles, it is uncannily and openly predictive.

Happy Halloween! 


  1. Fell about laughing at the utter madness of men (fools) like Ballard

  2. The "god of the gaps" is alive and well. Superstitions abound where ignorance abounds, eh? As a medical doctor, I am surrounded by confirmation bias where seemingly unexplainable as well as perfectly explainable phenomena happen hourly. As human primates, it is heartening to witness our evolving thoughts as proof of reality take root. Of course, ignorance and outright stupidity, coupled with intellectual laziness sti. flourish. Yet we are gaining traction for evidence based thought. Thank you for putting to paper organized evidence against LD$ Inc. and other religious goop.

  3. IBM: Think
    Apple: Think different
    Cisco Systems: Empowering the internet generation
    Infineon: Keep on thinking

    LDSinc: Ponderize. So what does it mean to ponderize? I like to say it’s a combination of 80 percent extended pondering and 20 percent memorization. There are two simple steps: First, choose a verse of scripture each week and place it where you will see it every day. Second, read or think of the verse several times each day and ponder the meaning of its words and key phrases throughout the week. Imagine the uplifting results of doing this weekly for six months, a year, 10 years, or more. As you make this effort, you will feel an increase in spirituality. You will also be able to teach and lift those you love in more meaningful ways. If you choose to ponderize weekly, you may feel a bit like a person who has enjoyed snorkeling in the past but has now decided to try scuba diving. With that decision, a deeper understanding of gospel principles will be yours and new spiritual perspectives will bless your life. You might ask, “Why should I do this?” I would answer that we are living in a time of ever-spreading evil. We cannot just accept the status quo and be fed ugly words and sinful visuals almost everywhere we turn and do nothing in response. We must fight back. When our minds are filled with uplifting thoughts and images, when we “always remember him,” there is no room left for filth and trash. In the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ invites all to “ponder upon the things which [He has] said.”Look at ponderizing as an add-on to your personal and family scripture study, but never let it be a replacement. Ponderizing is somewhat like adding a new time-release vitamin to your current spiritual diet. Or you'll break your mother's heart.

    1. Lol. You do know that the computer industry started when a gay man theorized the Turing machine to beat Nazi oppression. Mormon ponderizing sounds about as creative as peanut butter and jelly.

  4. Oh! The faithlessness! I am very sorrowful to see those who once believed in such a state of apostasy. I hope that something will turn you back to the strait and narrow path.

    1. Oh, don't worry about us! Worry about yourself, and your family. We already found our way to liberation. Now, it's up to you to find the same.

  5. I remember being told while at church 40 some years ago that god inspired the invention of the airplane so that missionaries could fly all around the world to preach the gospel.

    I'm amazed and amused that they are telling the same old stories today. Apparent, followers still go for this kind of thing

  6. I remember being told while at church 40 some years ago that god inspired the invention of the airplane so that missionaries could fly all around the world to preach the gospel.

    I'm amazed and amused that they are telling the same old stories today. Apparent, followers still go for this kind of thing

  7. It says that first computer was, "used exclusively for accounting applications". That makes sense. LDSinc us all about the money more than charity, family history or otherwise.

  8. Any time I run up against some kind of pseudo-skeptic who wants to "prove" his favorite bit of supernatural nonsense just might be true by claiming that "science" is some kind of false paradigm, all I do is point out that if he were right, that magic glowy panel he's staring at right now would be nothing but an elaborate paperweight.

    Some of them understand that. Most don't.

  9. You have only done better ever since you left God’s only true church because all of those supposedly ‘better’ accomplishments were the result of Satan — the father of all lies and deception — inspiring you, or in other words, making you think that leaving the church was better than holding fast to the iron rod. Hence, YOU HAVE BEEN DECEIVED!! All that you consider as being better accomplishments after having left the one, true fold of the Lord, is regarded as foolishness unto the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. All will be as dross in the crucible of your failed test in this second estate or your probation.

    Woe, woe unto you who supposes to be wise, but is actually foolishly led down to the depths of hell by that cunning one and his legions!

    Woe, woe unto you who will reap the bitter harvest of your evil words against the Lord’s anointed!

    Woe, woe unto you who esteems the teachings of mere mortals who exalt themselves with their limited understanding such as Carl Sagan and Einstein instead of heading the far greater messages of the Lord’s spokesmen such as the anointed Apostle Ballard and the beloved Prophet T.S. Monson!

    Does thou not know that lipstick (like the airplane and the computer) was ordained of God before the foundations of the world in order to entice the Lord’s priesthood holders, because of their weaknesses, to look only unto to the pure and delightsome handmaidens of the Covenant Church so that the more worthy of spirits will be born into the covenant of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?!

    Woe, woe, thus saith the Lord who moves me to declare these things unto you!!